Centrally Sponsored

Establishment of New Medical College attached with present district/referral hospital

Funding Pattern –  State : 60%   ,  Central: 40%

Regarding up gradation of 05 district hospital to State Medical College under centrally sponsored scheme

  • Under the scheme of GOI, Establishment of New Medical Colleges Attached with Existing District/Referral Hospital, all such district hospitals are proposed to be up graded in medical college where 200 or more beds are available.
  • Under this scheme, it has been decided to upgrade district hospital of 5 districts in the state viz, Faizabad, Basti, Behraich, Firozabad and Shahjahanpur into State Medical College.
  • For implementation of the scheme, MOU has been signed by state government and sent to GOI vide government letter no.-GOI-61/71-1-2014-g-59/2014 dt.12.11.2014
  • Cost of Establishment of each medical college has been estimated Rs.189 crores and funding pattern decided is 75:25 by GOI which has now been changed to 60:40
  • UPRNN has been nominated working agency for district Faizabad, Basti, Behraich, Firozabad and Shahjahanpur.

Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojna(PMSSY)

Funding Pattern –  State : 80%   ,  Central : 20%

Regarding up gradation of 4 medical colleges of the state under PMSSY:-

    • It has been decided to upgrade 4 medical college of the state viz., Jhansi, Gorakhpur, Allahabad and Meerut under PMMSy Phase-3.
    • Rs.30.00 core is the ceiling decided by GOI for capital cost .The funding pattern proposed is 80:20.Under cost ceiling, GOI has to bear Rs.120 crore and State Government Rs.30 crores.
    • Under up gradation scheme, purchase of equipment and its installation and services, construction of trauma center, Onchology, Neuro-Surgery, Pediatrics Surgery, ENT, Ortho Pediatrics and Burns and Plastic Surgery related works, equipment related to super specialty such as MRI, CT Scan, Liner Accelerators, HIS/HMIS and tools will also be purchased. All these works will be taken up under the supervision of Project Management and Supervision Consultants constituted by GOI.
    • State Government will bear recurring cost such as human resource, maintenance etc. GOI has already appointed Project Management and Supervision Consultants.
    • To bear the recurring expenditure, state government has given its consent to GOI. The Project Management and Supervision Consultants appointed by GOI for Gorakhpur and Meerut- CPWD has prepared the DPR/estimates and submitted to GOI.
    • For remaining 2 medical colleges-Jhansi and Allahabad, Project Management and Supervision Consultants HSCC India Ltd. Has also prepared the DPR/estimates and submitted to GOI.
    • MOU has been sent to GOI on 22.07.2016.The GOI has issued sanction of Rs.2.51 crore directly to working agency on 04.01.2017

AIIMS Raebareli
Revised Cost Estimates (RCE) approved by EFC on 22.06.2017

  • 97 Acres
  • Project Cost Rs. 823 cr
  • 610 beds
  • Project Management Consultant M/s HSCC
  • Posts for OPD created

Status as on 18.01.2018

Housing, Hostel,    Temporary OPD Substantially completed
(Planned to be started in July 2018)
  • Hospital 600 Bed
  • Academic Block with 100 MBBS Intake
  • Tender under evaluation
  • Construction to start by April, 2018
  • TDC for Completion-March, 2020 ( 24 Months)



Sl. No. Particulars Details
1. Sanctioned Project Cost Rs. 1011 Crores
2. Total Built-up Area 1,49,326 Sqm (approx.)
3. No. of Beds 750(720 Beds in Hospital +30 Beds in AYUSH)
4. Targeted Date of Commencement of Construction 01.04.2018
5. Targeted Date of Completion 31.03.2020
6. Executing Agency HLL Infra Tech Services Ltd. (HITES)
7. Design Consultant M/s Sursesh Goel & Associates, New Delhi  in Consortium with M/s Silver Thomas Hanley Architects, Australia
8. Mode of Project Execution Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) mode


STATUS AS ON 15.01.2018

  • Pre-investment – 88% Boundary Wall completed
  • Non-availability of coarse sand
  • Master Plan & Concept Plan Approved by Client.
  • NIT published on 18.01.2018.
  • Appointment of EPC Contractor by 31.03.2018.

National Program for Prevention and Management of Burn Injury (NPPMBI)

Funding Pattern –  State : 60%   ,  Central : 40%

Regarding establishment of Burn Unit in State Medical College (Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Agra, Allahabad) of the state under National Program for Prevention and Management of Burn Injuries NPPNBI)-

  • Under 12th Five Year Plan, establishment of Burn Unit is under process with financial assistance of Rs.2.0 crores for 12 beds Burn unit and rs.98.00 lakh for purchase of equipment in Medical College Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Agra and Allahabad.
  • MOU for establishment of Burn Unit has been sent to GOI vide letter no.GOI-23/71-1-2017-G-338/2013 dated 28.03.2017.
  • GOI has sanctioned rs.8.316 crores vide his letter no. S 11025/23/201-MH dated 30.05.2017 as per details given below:-
S.N Name of Medical college Cost Construction Equipment Total (construction + equipment) 60% share(1st installment)
1 Allahabad 657-90 217-50 129-00 346-50 207-90
2 Kanpur 657-90 217-50 129-00 346-50 207-90
3 Gorakhpur 657-90 217-50 129-00 346-50 207-90
4 Agra 657-90 217-50 129-00 346-50 207-90

Grand Total

2631-60 1386-00 831-60


Funding Pattern –  State :    ,  Central :

In reference to construction of Trauma center under 11th Five Year Plan in State Medical College Kanpur, Allahabad, Jhansi, Gorakhpur, Meerut and Agra.

    • Implementation of level -2 Trauma center through central assistance in 6 medical colleges of the state (Kanpur, Allahabad, Jhansi, Gorakhpur, Meerut and Agra) was sanctioned in the year 2008-09 under 11th Five Year Plan.
    • This scheme is wholly centrally sponsored scheme for construction of each trauma center, there is total provision of Rs. 9.63 crore per center of which Rs. 3.80 crore is for man power, Rs. 0.8 crore is for building construction and Rs. 5.0 crore for equipment.
    • As per MOU signed between State Government and Government of India for operation of these centers, the state government will run these centers at the end of 11th Five Year Plan on their own resources.
    • For operation of these trauma centers, a total of 126 posts have been created in different category per medical college trauma center that is a total of 756 post has been created for 6 medical colleges on 11.01.2016.
    • Action for filling these posts is under process.
    • Funds made available by Government of India on 25.02.2016 under 11th Five Year Plan to medical college of Agra, Meerut, Allahabad and Gorakhpur for Human Resource, Communication, Legal Assistance and Equipments is detailed in following table:
S.N Name of Medical college Head of account in which funds has been sanctioned Total
Human Resource Communication Legal Assistant Equipment
1 Agra 76,00,000 76,00,000
2 Meerut 1,68,000 84,000 4,20,00,000 4,22,52,000
3 Allahabad 76,00,000 76,00,000
4 Gorakhpur 76,00,000 76,00,000
Total 2,28,00,000 1,68,000 84,000 4,20,00,000 6,50,52,000

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR)

Funding Pattern –  State :    ,  Central :

Regarding Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) center established in Gorakhpur, Meerut and Agra Medical college with financial assistance of GOI under 11th Five Year Plan:-

    • Under 11th five year plan, GOI has taken decision in 2009 to establish Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) in above medical colleges.
    • This scheme is wholly GOI assisted scheme. This scheme was 100% centrally sponsored scheme. The commitment for creation of necessary post of human resources at the end of 11th plan period for operation of PMR has been made in the MOU sent to GOI.
    • As per government order no.2298/71-1-2016-G-227/2009 dated 18 October, 2017, necessary post has been created in Gorakhpur, Meerut and Agra Medical College for up gradation of PMR.

Strengthening and upgradation of State Government Medical Colleges for starting new Postgraduate disciplines and increasing postgraduate seats

Funding Pattern –  State : 75%   ,  Central : 25%

Regarding increase in number of PG seat under strengthening and up gradation of State Medical College scheme:-

    • GOI has allocated fund in different installment under central assistance against increase in number of PG seats in KGMU, Lucknow and other medical college of the state viz., Kanpur, Meerut, Allahabad, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Jhansi and Agra.
    • The total cost of the project is Rs.55.09 crores. Funding pattern of this scheme is 75:25.State government will bear 25% of the cost.
    • In the aforesaid scheme, a total of 265 seats were proposed to be increased in KGMU, Lucknow and other medical college of the state viz., Kanpur, Meerut, Allahabad, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Jhansi and Agra in different speciality.


Funding Pattern –  State : 0%   ,  Central : 100%

In reference to establishment of Kaushal Vikash Kendra in State Medical College

  • Government of India is establishing Skill Development Centre in 10 State medical College viz. Kanpur, Agra, Allahabad, Meerut, Jhansi, Gorakhpur, Kannauj, Ambedkar Nagar, Jalaun and Azamgarh under centrally sponsored scheme

Tertiary Cancer Centres (TCCs)

Funding Pattern –  State : 80%   ,  Central : 20%
Under cancer component of the programme, there was provision of one time financial assistance of maximum Rs. 6 crore with the central and the state share of 80.20 for strengthening of comprehensive cancer care at medical colleges/institutes/district hospitals as TCCs. The comprehensive cancer care included provision of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgical oncology and diagnostic facilities. 7 Tertiary Cancer Centers (TCCs) have been strengthened for providing comprehensive cancer care in the country.